What I cook

Most hostels have a small compliment of pots and pans that you can use. What to buy to eat is always a challenge. Here is a list of what I like to eat:

Pasta with sauce: quick, easy, cheap. Just add water and boil.

Frozen pizza: many types of toppings, just heat it up.

Cous cous with cup-a-soup: tasty. Just add water and boil together.

Musseli with yogurt: my usual breakfast. Even eat dry muesli from the box.

Frozen veggies: need your greens sometimes, just add water and heat up.

Bread with jam or cheese: fast and easy and doesn’t require any utensils.

Instant rice with cup-a-soup: add hot water and mix.

Gazpacho: I hate the taste but it’s good for you, as it is made from pure vegetables.

Microwave dinners: makes you look like the iron chief in minutes.

Cookies/biscuits/chocolate/trail mix: great for travelling and emergency food.

Instant mashed potatoes: surprisingly tasty and transportable.

Canned food: open it up and eat. Fresh fruit with veggies: and it’s even good for you.

Cereal in a box: just add milk or pour directly into mouth. Multi-vitamins: just add water or any of the above.

My ultimate: instant mashed potatoes + cup-a-soup + pasta. How to do laundry

Note: Australians (Aussi) eat Vegemite and New Zealanders (Kiwis) eat Marmite. If you are not an Aussi or Kiwi and it is offered to you……just say “No!”