The travel bug

Even with the best medication in the world, there is no cure for the travel bug. We all acquire it while we are travelling the world. The symptoms start to surface a couple of weeks after we arrive home. It starts as a feeling that we want to go exploring again. Everything is boring at home. Nothing changes. It is like you have hit a brick wall. And you know something that no one else knows. Something you discovered while travelling. It is easy. For us, taking off to another country is like driving to a nearby city.

When you arrive back home, the first two weeks are all new and exciting. You are living high and revisiting all the places that you left behind. Itís just like visiting a new place in another country. Checking out new and exciting places and meeting excellent and interesting people. But soon after all of that is done, what do you do now? The urge to get out of your current environment and back to travelling is pretty strong. If I were offered a trip to anywhere in the world right now, I could be ready in under an hour if I was really interested in going. It is simply that easy now.