Staying healthy

If you donít have your health, you donít have anything. Staying in good health on the road is important and should not be neglected. The best advice is to exercise your common sense and listen to your body. You can do things to prevent getting sick.

Make sure you have the proper gear and equipment for the current climate and activities. If what you have is not keeping you warm and dry, strongly think about investing in something of better quality. Visit the local stores and do some shopping. Remember, your health and future enjoyment is riding on what you buy.

Take a look at your current lifestyle. Travelling is sometimes a lot of work. You are carrying your backpack sometimes for long periods in a new environment and climate. Over time, you may start to feel a little run down and tired. Take time to rest for a day or two. Walk to a local library and read some magazines or spend some money and visit the local leisure centre. Sit in the hot tub for a while or do a small workout. Always try to eat and rest well. You may want to splurge and go to a restaurant or to an all you can eat buffet. Choose something healthy and filling on the menu. You may also want to supplement the meal with some of your multivitamins. Back at the hostel, you may want to splurge again and ask for a private room. There you can spend more time in bed without the hassle of other packers snoring, making noise, or generally disturbing a much needed sleep.

Staying hydrated is important. Bottled water is the best thing drink. Drinking tap water is generally not safe and best avoided whenever possible. Sometimes you may see the locals drink tap water but realize that you do not have the local immunities that they do. Also, not all bottled water is the same. Try to buy bottled water with the natural minerals in it. Some bottled water is pure H2O with all the minerals removed. Ensure that the seal is still on the bottle before you accept it. You also have a support group. I have found that everyone is generally good and will try to do what they can to help you in your travels. Backpackers, hostel staff, and even the locals can help you find specific medical attention. If you have a specific type of allergy or have medication, feel free to tell your fellow backpackers and what they can do to help.

Keep in mind what the travel nurse warned you about when entering into this country. The local population has a natural immunity to a lot of the local ailments that you may not have. Try to be diligent in taking whatever medicine is prescribed in an infected area.

I want to highlight the importance of using your common sense and listening to your body while travelling. If you are feeling tired, get some rest. If you are hungry, get something to eat. Keeping yourself safe and healthy is the paramount concern while travelling.