I’m settled. What now?

Once you arrive at your new destination, you should find out what is currently going on. One of the best resources you have is the local tourist agency. You may have visited one when you first arrived looking for a place to stay. It is worth a second check since you now have time to spend exploring the area. These agencies are there to work for you. They offer free information on up coming attractions and keep various flyers and entertainment guides in stock.

Note: Many cities have bus routes specifically for tourists. For a fee you can take these buses and discover more about the city. If you want to save some money, use the map and walk the route.

You may have an opportunity to hook up with some locals. Most of the time, they want to make sure you have a good time and want to show you the best of their country. They can also show you to the places where backpackers or tourists don’t usually (or shouldn’t) frequent. Since they live there they already know what places to avoid and where the hidden gems are located. If you are lucky, you can sometimes crash at their place and have use of their facilities.

And always use common sense. If you get a bad vibe from a person, just go and do your own thing. Remember, it is up to you to have fun and find activities that interest you. Try to put in the effort to ‘attempt’ something new. Just remember this: “I may love it or I may hate it, but I will never know unless I try it”.