How to do laundry

When you run out of clean clothes to wear, it is time to do laundry. Sometimes half the day is gone just doing what little laundry you have since you have to do everything yourself in a new city. Just remember, by using the inside out method (wearing your underwear and socks inside out on the second day of use) works only once per article of clothing. Here is the list of places where you can do laundry: Friendís place: The best place to do laundry is at a friendís place. They may have laundry facilities on location and you would do best to take advantage of this. You donít have to worry about leaving your laundry drying out in the open where anyone could walk up to it.

Hand wash: All you need is to invest in a box of detergent and a clothes line. All hostels have sinks that can be used for washing your clothes. My first time doing this, it took me over three hours of washing, re-washing, and a third wash until the water turned a more or less clear color. After being satisfied that I got most of the dirt out of the clothes, I had to squeeze and wring out the water by hand. Depending on where you are, how ventilated the place is and how warm it is, it may take your laundry a day, to a day and a half to dry. There are times when I used the hand dryer at a local restroom to dry some clothes that I needed right away.

Laundromat: These are the second least expensive and a good way to get your clothes cleaned and dried in one place. After hand washing clothes for a month or so, take everything to the laundry mat to have them washed well. Many Laundromatís will provide you with soap and fabric softener for a small fee.

Hostel or hotel service: Be careful of using this service. It is fast, convenient and relatively safe, but you are going to pay for that extra service. There have been times where some articles are missing or delayed in getting back to you. Most times it is charged by weight. Make sure that you take the time to do the math to see how much it is going to cost you.

Dry cleaners: I avoid them. They provide you with the full service for a price. You give them your dirty clothes and within a couple hours they come back neatly folded and ironed in a bag, they even match up your socks. Convenient, but you are going to pay for that service.