How and when I move

You have seen everything you want to see and are now ready to travel to your new destination. How do you do that safely and relatively inexpensively?

This is dependent on your current country. The general rule that I follow is to travel the way the locals do. Local people already know the best routes and modes of transportation. If you have a couple of choices of what transportation to take, do your homework and compare some prices. Choosing to travel during non-peak times in a lower class coach on a week day could save you some money. Using a student card could also save you an additional 10 to 15% on the cost of the ticket. Depending on the way you travel, and your finances, you could look into buying a pass. Many train and bus lines have a plethora of different passes that are available to the public. Make sure that it fits the way you travel. Some passes allow you unlimited travel within a certain number of days. If you find that you are spending up to a week or more in one destination, it may not be economical for you to have this kind of ticket. However, if you were travelling for only a short time and wanted to cover large distances this ticket may be worth the money.

The day that you travel is also important. I generally try to avoid travelling on Fridays and Saturdays for two reasons. First, these are the days when the hostels are most likely to be booked. I like to have a choice of hostels instead of trying to find the one in town that is empty. The worst case would be that you could be forced to find more expensive accommodations such as a hotel or you could end up sleeping in some bus or train station. Second, if any event is going to happen, it usually starts on a Friday or a Saturday. You could end up missing something interesting while riding on the bus, train, etc.

Sundays are best to avoid as well. When you are arriving in a new location, a lot of the time you are dependent upon city transportation and stores being open to find food, information, etc. On Sundays, many of these services are open for a limited time. Sundays are okay for finding accommodations since many people check-out on Sundays to get back to work for Monday. The optimal time to move cities are from Monday to Thursday. This way you get access to all services and know that the stores are open longer hours.

The type of transportation that you take is not important. The main goal here is to arrive at your destination safety and relatively inexpensively. Again, use what the local people use to travel. Here are just some of the modes of transportation I have taken:

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