Buying souvenirs

Part of the fun of travelling is picking up curious items and gifts to show people back home, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Make sure that you have room in your backpack and are willing to carry all the odds and ends you pick up along the way. If you go on a spending spree, consider mailing your extra goodies home in a package rather than tote them around for the entire duration of your trip. Be careful when buying skins, furs, animal-by-products and knives. It is hard to tell what is endangered and what is not. Each country has different rules for what they will and will not allow you to bring across the border. It is generally not worth the trouble, and in some cases, you can face a hefty fine or even put you in jail.

There may be ample opportunity to purchase pirated or imitation goods overseas. Doing this and sending them back home via the post is frowned upon by any local government. When you are sending items back home, you have to declare what the contents are. If you are suspected of sending illegal goods, it is a possibility that your package back home could be confiscated, be fined or serve a jail term.

Each country has different export laws. It is best to enquire at the local post office about what is allowed. In some cases, if you can not send something from one country, just wait until you are in your next country and send it from there. Staying healthy

Note: One time, my travelling buddy was going to send a cook book home. The employee at the post office said that they are going to have to charge him per page to read this cook book to make sure that he is not sending any “governmental secrets” home. He just put the cookbook back in backpack and sent it home when he arrived in our next country.