Budget backpackers’ tour groups

Instead of doing all the work of picking the next destination, searching for the next place to stay, and finding something fun and interesting things to do in your next city, you can enrol yourself in a backpacker tour group. These groups are designed to take backpackers to various locations on a budget. You will be picked up by a “luxury coach” (a bus) at a predetermined location and time. On the bus will be other backpackers that have signed up for the same tour. This is a great way to make some quick new friends. You can hang out with them while you go out exploring. The tour operators will usually provide you with a guide that will try keep the group together, tell you about the local history of the area, and show you around to all the points of interest.

When you arrive at your next destination, the bus will drop you off right in front of a hostel. All you have to do is grab your gear from the storage compartment and check into your prebooked room. You have an option of joining the tour group or doing your own thing to explore your new destination. Depending on where you are and the tour company you are with, you have a set amount of time per stop. In some cases, if you do want to stay longer, you can opt to take the next tour bus that the company has scheduled to arrive. This is called the “jump on, jump off” service. The tour package provides the transportation and rooms while you are free to do what you want when you are settled.

The tour company takes a lot of the unknown out of backpacking. There is a lot less stress and work involved by this way of travelling. No more arriving in a new place and trying to figure out where to stay for the night or figuring out where you are going to go next. It’s all done for you. This may sound like the safest and easiest way to travel throughout the world. To be honest, I have only tried this means of travel once and it lasted for a total of two weeks. You are stuck on a preset route that doesn’t allow for much deviation. One of the things about backpacking that I enjoy is the freedom of choice. I can choose when I want to leave and how far I want to travel based on what is of interest to me. I also like to choose who I travel with. There are only a few times I came across the loud, arrogant, and generally, ignorant backpackers that I would rather not hang out with. When I take a day trip to visit someplace, I would rather have the opportunity to see it at my own pace instead of hearing, “You now have twenty minutes to walk around before the bus leaves.” I also like checking out a few hostels before choosing one. Just comparing the condition of the rooms and the price before I commit to one is nice.