Backpacking community

Many backpacker communities exist all throughout the world. The only membership needed into this group of world travellers is a backpack and a sense of wanderlust. Membership is free and it forms the basis of the backpacker social and support group.

So where do I find these transient communities? Just go where backpackers go. The best place is a hostel. It is easy to find someone or a group of people to hang out with. Everyone there automatically has something in common: they are away from home and are travelling just like you. Gone are most of the social pressures that you feel at home.

I have joined a group of backpackers at train stations just as everyone is disembarking or even while riding the bus. They stand out since they all carry large backpacks and are thumbing through a guidebook. It is nice to have someone with you when you arrive in a new city. Most of the time, they already know the ropes on how to travel and makes working together easier. Often they havenít booked their accommodations either and itís usually cheaper if you split the cost of a room.

Friends are easy to come by when you arrive at your new destination. Usually in the hostel you just walk up to a table, sit down, and start up a conversation. The conversation always seems to go something like this: Where are you from? Where have you gone? What is cool to do around this area? This is one of the best sources of accurate information and finding out what is worth seeing around the area.

From there it is easy to make plans and temporarily join up with another person or a group. You may even exchange email addresses just before you part ways. Ironically, first names are usually the last things to be exchanged. Itís just that the average backpacker relationship lasts for around four days before you part ways, itís hard to keep track of everyoneís first names.

If you donít like or donít get along with the group that you are in, it is easy to find another group or travel solo. You shouldnít be worried about being ďall alone in a strange countryĒ since many other backpackers travelling are ďall alone is a strange countryĒ as well.